Makeup Remover : Clean Express Miracle Water (Maybelline)

There are new but not that new products line from Maybelline. White Superfresh line. Along that line there also come out makeup remover in water based. It have the same elegant tube as the liquid powder. So in this review I'm gonna talk about the makeup remover with water based. 

I guess this product have discontinued? I haven't found any information on Maybelline website. Well the price is kinda cheap. Around RM15+-.

It is 2 in 1 as 1. makeup remover, 2. act as toner. Sorry I can't find any decent description. 

The bottle have a large opening but it doesn't spill easily. So to test this product I have used bb cream, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and liptint. In the first swipe, it doesn't remove all the product. After full swipe, I swipe really hard it only managed to remove basic products such as bb cream, concealer, eyeliner, lipstick and liptint. It unsuccessful to remove waterproof mascara.

What I do think? Honestly I don't really fancy this product, compare to water based biore's makeup remover, this product is hard to use. I need to use swipe a lot to remove waterproof eye makeup. Compare to biore's it is easily to remove eye makeup.

I just can't wait to finish this all up so I can buy a new one. 

- cheap
- can remove basic makeup

- need a lot of swipe to remove waterproof eye makeup.

- No

So have you tried it? Did you love it?

Clean Express Miracle Water - click here
White Superfresh Liquid Powder - click here
White Superfresh Two Way Cake Powder - click here


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