Contact Lens Review : Mosaic - Luscious Green (Freshkon)

Yay!! Another contact lens review!! This is contact lens from Freshkon on Mosaic series. 

Featuring Pointilla™, a unique hyper-real pattern which gives you that fashionable and natural look.

Mosaic boasts a superior design that offers excellent comfort and easy wear. For those with perfect eyesight, non-powered lenses are also available.

Natural look
• Unique hyper-real pattern-pointilla™
• Defined outline for a natural, elegant impression

Source: Freshkon Club

The normal price is RM69. 

This series have 4 different colours and I decided on Luscious Green!!

It have light green at the center and gradient to darker green on the outer rims. 

It have 14.20mm diameter and Median basecurve. I read other people blogs saying the basecurve that is bigger than their eyes make the lens moving here and there. Well I glad that for now, each contact lens that I wore fit perfectly. 

So this is the contact. I love the colour. It have the same colour at both sides of the lens so it kinda need more time to identify correct sides. 

The picture above is the difference before and after wearing the lens. The colour really show on my eyes and my eyes look  bigger. :D

So this is the lens in outdoor and indoor. The first picture is taken in my rooms and the second one is taken outside, in my car more precisely LOL. I just love the colour. It look kinda blended with my eyes. The colour look natural and not fake. Maybe I was born with green eyes LOL. 

Anyway, I just love this green colour. It is more like Khaki green or army green. However, this mosaic series is kinda drying for me. It make my eyes dry and I can feel it in my eyes. It different with Alluring and Colour Fusion Series that make me forgot that I'm wearing contact lens. 

Ahh I really love this green colour but it is so drying. :( I wish it could work for me.. 

- have more natural green colour
- I love this Khaki @ army green colour

- it is too drying
- I can feel something in my eyes

- Maybe I buy it again just because I really love this colour. 

So how about you? Have you try this series? What colour did you get? Does it drying for you too?



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