Makeup Review : Clear Smooth All In One BB Stick (Maybelline)

After finishing my BB Cream, I wanted a cheap BB Cream so after seeing this product on sale I bought it immediately. 

Maybelline say that it is oil control and even reduced pore size. The price RM26.35. Source: Watson Online

I bought mine 02 Natural. The BB Cream is really travel handy. It is easy to carry and I don't need to worry about leakage and it take a small space in my makeup bag. It is bigger than average lipstick but smaller than average BB Cream. 

It kinda have the dry feeling when apply. I just get used the watery BB Cream and when I use this stick BB Cream it kinda dry and hard to blend. I need to moisturize well before using or else it will be to dry to blend. 

The application is not bad. The first application does cover my pores and minimize my pores. However during midday it will melt and I have to apply again. Overall, for the price this is really a handy BB Cream and I don't mind bringing it everywhere for a light touch ups. ;)

- cheap
- cover my pores
- travel friendly 

- Need to touch up during midday
- Kinda dry. Need to moisturize well before using.

- Yes!! It really handy for touching ups and travelling



ieyra h. said…
agree with everything you said. I also find that the bb stick makes my skin extra oily throughout the day. :/

ieyra h. | blog

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