He is not the same person I fell in love with

What should you do when the person you really love changed to someone different?
I love him but I'm not sure if he love me anymore. If u ask me whether he is the one 2 years ago I will say yes. If you ask the same question today I'm not really sure I want to marry him. 

I don't want to ended up marrying someone and find out he doesn't love me anymore. I don't want to spend eternity with someone who doesn't love me.

I miss the old him. The one I'm sure will not cheated on me. The one who will not entertain unknown girls in texting.

Will I find him again? Should I broke off this unhealthy relationship? I don't want the new him anymore. I'm tired crying and hurt inside. I'm tired pretending to be happy. I'm tired with all the lies and uncertainty. I'm tired with everything related with him.. 



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