Makeup Review : Color Changeable Sheer Color (LipIce)

This is my favourite lipbalm. It have a very sweet smell and it can change to pinkish colour.
The price is around RM12++. 

This lip balm have three types the strawberry, shimmer and non fragrance one. The strawberry one have a lovely smell of strawberry. The shimmer one have smell like strawberry and a bit of glitter. The non-fragrance one didn't have any smell. It is suitable for anyone who dislikes the smell.

My first purchase is the strawberry one. It have a lovely smell of strawberry. It is moisturize but doesn't really oily. It is suitable to use before applying lipstick or even as alone lip balm because it have a nice pinkish colour. 

After I finish up the first one, I bought the second one that is shimmer. 

The price is the same and it have same moisturizing. However it have glitter particles in the lip balm. It also show the pinkish colour like the strawberry one. 

Comparing with both lip balm the shimmer one have more glitters particles and it is more pinkish colour than the strawberry one. I like both of them and I always use it before lipstick. However the colour depending on the lips. More pigmented lip will show less colour.  

- Moisturize
- cheap
- have a pinkish colour

- It have sheer colour

- yes this is the second tube



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