Makeup Review : Smoothie Duo Heart Concealer (sasatinnie)

This is my first concealer. It have some white stuff in the middle. 

I bought it at Sasa with the price RM26.90. 

It kinda blend well with my skin and conceal my dark marks. Overtime it become hard to apply as the white stuff in the middle kinda hard and I need to use my finger to blend it together with the brown concealer. 

Overall, the concealer is average. If I sweat a lot and at the end of the day it will leave the white cast where I apply the concealer. It make me look awful when all my makeup have melted but the concealer will leave the white casts.

- price is reasonable
- conceal the dark marks.

- leave the white casts when sweating or at the end of the day

- No. I want to try other product :D


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