Makeup Review : Omega Day Shield SPF 50++ - Skin Colour (Nano White)

I haven't found any information online so this is short description on what this is. This is the sunblock from nano white. This sunblock is skin colour type. It have SPF 50 ++.

Below is the swatch on the sunblock. It kinda greasy at first but when it settle in, it kinda blend in with the skin. Someone give this to me. So I use it once then decided to use other products just because I have others to use. So I can't review is it good or not. But from the swatch it doesn't greasy and sunblock doesn't have changes that we can see in short times. 

Overall it is okay I guess. I don't remember the price. 

- non greasy

Cons :
- None (I think)

Omega Day Shield SPF 50 ++ Skin Colour - click here
Omega Day Shield SPF 50 ++ - click here



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