Makeup Review : Defined Liquid Eyeliner (Cyber Colours)

I bought this liquid eyeliner at SaSa. This is my first liquid eyeliner. I bought #01 Black.with the price  RM23.90.

Honestly, this liquid eyeliner is not my favourite. It have great tip that kinda like a pen. It is hard and easy to line. However when I first apply the eyeliner it will have a really black colour. Then after a few seconds the colour started to fade. As the picture above the line number show that which one is the first one I apply. The number 1 is more faded than others as it the first one I line. The number 3 is the latest line.

Another thing is it kinda hard to remove the makeup. When I use the makeup remover it leave blue marks. It really looks like I use pen as eyeliner. Even when I rub using the makeup remover many times, the line is still there. 

Overall, this liquid eyeliner is not my favourite.

- have decent price
- easy to line

- the colour faded in few seconds
- hard to remove. Even when I use eye makeup remover.

- No.


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