Last post for this year..

Jadi walaupun dah lama aq x post entry baru sejak kebelakangan ni.. SERIOUS BZ!! meh sekarang baru aq dapat rasakan penangan final year student.. yea well another one sem to live on~~ say yeah!!!

So whatever haha...

So many thing happen to me this year.. Good.. Bad.. Sad.. Happy.. Tearing my eyes out.. So much!!! Even if it is bad memories, good memories I'm gonna treasure it forever in my life. All this thing making me grow. I'm not going to regret it.

Thinking back all the things that happen to me make me grow. Life is a good teacher that teach me about becoming a better person. Thanks for everyone who always there when I'm down. You all the best. ;)

Right now I'm going to welcoming the new year and looking forward to it. New year.. new story.. new book.. new chapter.. new me...

What is past is past.. I'm going to let it be and looking forward to future. Future still unwritten. I'm going to write more adventurous and happy life in the future.

Goodbye 2011 and hello 2012....

Happy new year!!! ;)

p/s: Cik zaza.. Bila mau kuar?? I miss you :(



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