stop procrastinate!!!

A lot of thing going on right now. Assignments, mini projects, projects, mid-term exams.. A LOT!!! then why I am still here procrastinate??? Facebook.. Twitter.. Blog.. Please go away from my life... I have a lot of things to do right now and I only have 4 days left o.O..

Some Info~~~

Procrastinate is keeps avoiding the facts that you have something important to do and always distracted with some unrelated stuff.. =.=

"I'm busy with procrastinate.." =.=

let's done some work everyone!!!..

"waa.. my guinea pig is eating..." =.= ok focus!!!



cik zaza said…
guinea pig pun kau boleh ter-distract,
kei said…
@ cik zaza : haha cute pe guinea pig.. mcm nak beli guinea pig lah wey huhu
fifie feyca said…
hoooommmaaayyyyyyyy.... indeeeed!! its deeeeep... hak3!! shhuhhh shhuhh exm asgmnt project... i am bz procrastinate.. haiishhh... hak3x
kei said…
@fifie feyca : haha gi wat keje tu xD

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