Love your job stop causing trouble for other people =.=;

Works happily at your job is so much better than hating your job. Why you work there if you really hate that job? It will only cause you and OTHER PEOPLE pain. So just quit. Working at bad environment will only make you sick. Just imagine. If you love what you are doing everyday, you can feels that time really flies and you are really looking forward to work everyday. This will effect the job's quality and when the quality is good everyone happy. The world will become more peaceful and happy world. Who doesn't want that? I want a happy world. :D

I don't want to say these but if only you are loving your jobs I will get a nice meal!!! Meh aunty please if you hate working at that food courts just stop. I don't want my mood to get spoil again =.=;

This is not even food.. The picture is obviously not the same!!! Where is the vegetables??? Where is the tomatoes????? Dang =.=;

p/s: I'm so not going there anymore!!!!



Unknown said…
huhuhuhu..tau xpe...xpsl2 aku mkn k.t sizzling ari 2..huhuhuhu..

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