Foodies : Spicy Chicken Ramen (Samyang)

This time is the review of Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen. This is the ramen that people keeps using as Spicy Ramen Challenge. So this is the original flavour and it have many variety that I will show later on. 

Can I just say that I love the packaging wise of this ramen? It even provided this small hole that is useful when you draining the water. This ramen have 425 cal. 

So this ramen it have 3 types of packaging. First is in the pack. It sold in 5 packets in a pack. The price is around RM22++.

Another one is this one, in the big bowl the price is around RM7-8. 

Last one in this small cup that is around RM5-6. 

So this ramen have provided the source and the sprinkle. I think it is seaweed. 

So first you need to immerse in the boiling water for 4 minutes. (It even have inner rim to indicate how much water you need.) Then poke a hole at the line and close the lid and drain the water. 

So this is the source looks like. Pour the source and mix it all up. 

Then add seaweed on top as decoration. LOL I should make it cute.. 

Anyway, this ramen is really good. It is kinda addicting. Well when you first have a bite you will have a feeling like.. "This is not really spicy, why people making a big thing about this." After a few minutes, you will started to feel burn. And the spiciness will linger a very long time. 

Overall, I love this ramen. It have a huge and bouncy ramen. I love it. The spicy level is around 4 out of 5.. 

I love this ramen and I always ended up repurchase this eventhough it is expensive. 



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