Makeup Review :White Superfresh Two Way Cake Powder (Maybelline)

In this review I'm gonna talk about the two way cake powder in Superfresh line. The price RM 24.75.

The first 12-hour UV Whitening Two-Way Cake is now back with anti-oxidizing silver pearls and Vitamin C to give you a brighter and more radiant complexion all day long!  

Say goodbye to cracked, dull and grey skin with the NEW White Superfresh Two-Way Cake Powder!
- Silver Pearls for natural radiance
- 12 hours of long-lasting lustre and brightness
- Vitamin C for whitening benefits

Source : Maybelline  

I love this design. It have this sleek and elegant design. This line also have a refill. The refill only cost RM1X.00. The price is really affordable. xD

Even this is two way cake powder but I don't think the powder can be used with wet sponge. The coverage is average. I don't have enough coverage if I used it alone. I usually use it  as a touch up or use it on top of foundation. 

Well this powder is not suitable for me (oily skin) as the makeup will disappear at midday. LOL..

- cheap
- elegant design
- refillable

- not suitable for oily skin
- my face become oily at midday

- No. It is not suitable for me

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White Superfresh Two Way Cake Powder - click here



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