Makeup Review : White Superfresh Liquid Powder (Maybelline)

I just love how classy this Superfresh line look. It have this elegant and expensive looking. It even have makeup remover that follows the same theme. :D

It have 4 shade and I got myself N3 Natural with the price RM 29.90. It so cheap compare to other products.

They said:

The power of powder in a liquid. For morning radiance that lasts all day!
Hydrate, brighten and protect your skin with SPF 50 PA++. Oil control of a powder, coverage of a liquid.
 - Liquid to powder effect
 - Hydrates
 - Brightens
 - Protects with SPF 50 PA++
 - Sweat proof
 - Shine proof
 - Easy application

Source : Maybelline

It have a larger opening so make sure the bottle is in upright position and always tightly capped when not in use. 

It have a runny texture. So it easily to spill the product if not tightly capped. After blended, the product have become powdery texture. The products is not thick but buildable. However, it doesn't cover my acne marks etc. 

At the midday, my face will become so oily and when I blot, most of the foundation have been swipe away. When I sweating a lot, my sweat will have a lot of foundation. LOL. I looks like I sweat foundation. This is the first time I have experience like this LOL. I don't know if this just me or some other people have experience this, but I think this foundation is not suitable for people who sweats a lot.

- cheap

-  it doesn't cover my acne marks etc
- it is not long lasting especially with sweat and oil

- No

So have you try it? Do you experience what I have? Do you love this products?

Clean Express Miracle Water - click here
White Superfresh Liquid Powder - click here
White Superfresh Two Way Cake Powder - click here



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