Makeup Review : Lip Treat (IN2IT)

I got this lip treat aka lip balm for free for buying In2It products. Anyway, this lip balm is the one with no colour. LT 01 - Vanilla

So this lip treat have 4 variance and the only LT 01 is the lip balm with no colour. 

LT 01 - Vanilla 
LT 02 - Strawberry 
LT 03 - Orange
LT 04 - Raspberry

So this lip balm is moisturizing. It have vanilla smell. I love the smell. I wonder if other variances have the same fragrances as the name. For me this lip balm is kinda the same with other lip balm in the market. It cheap and affordables. The price is around RM8++.

- cheap and affordable
- moisturizing
- have a nice vanilla smell. Delicious LOL

- None

- Yes, I want to try others lip balm that have colours. :D

So have you test this lip balm? What do you think? xD


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