Makeup Review : Oil Control Starter Kit (Follow Me)

I always seen this product on Guardian and Watson. However when I started to try this product, it seems like the products have discontinued. Why why I always try something that almost discontinued. So this is what I got before it have been discontinued. 

I bought the travelling pack. It have cleanser, toner and moisturiser. 
Follow Me Oil Control Anti-Shine Cleanser  

They said:
Works by deep cleansing your skin and removing excess oil. It washes away impurities and oil to reveal a smoother and fairer complexion. It has a non-drying effect on skin.
How to use
Lather & apply on face and neck areas. Avoid eyes. Massage gently and rinse thoroughly with water. Recommended to be used twice daily for best outcomes.
(Available in 100ml)
Source: Tohtonku

So this is the cleanser. The cleanser is in the cream type. It will form a lot of bubble when mixing it with water. I love it. It have a lot of foam and make my face feels clean and refresh. It also cleans all the dirt and oil in my face. it doesn't have beads but I love it. 

Follow Me Oil Control Multi-Purifying Toner

They said:

Complements cleanser and clears away impurities, traces of debris and blemishes for a fairer & radiant skin. It is formulated with active ingredients that visibly reduce the appearance of pores for a smoother and more refine skin texture.

Step to use: 
To apply after cleansing. Avoid eye areas. 
(Available in 150ml)

Source: Tohtonku

So after washing your face, use toner to remove the dirt and make your face more refresh. This toner does it job. It make my face feels refresh and it remove all the dirt and impurities that still stuck at my face LOL.

Follow Me Oil Control Mattifying Moisturiser

They said:

Enriched with active ingredients that control shine by absorbing excess oil while its natural formula helps reduce oiliness of skin. Easily absorbed by skin and ideal as make up base. Use it to complete your daily skin care routine for a fairer and matte looking skin

Step to use: 
Cleanse and tone skin before applying it. Apply it evenly around the face and neck area. Recommended for daily use.
(Available in 50ml)

Source: Tohtonku

So this is the moisturiser. Use it after toner. I managed to buy the full size before it is nowhere to be seen LOL. Anyway, I love this kind of moisturiser. I have an oily skin so I hate those cream moisturiser that make my face oily. So this product kinda wet at the beginning but it will dried out and make my face looks matte. I love it. Pity that it have been discontinued. 

Overall, I just love this line as it suitable for my oily skin. Pity i can't find it anywhere at the store. I really want to try the Follow Me Oil Control Duo Blemish Concealer as I have those pink pimple.

- suitable for my skin oily skin
- cheap
- no breakouts

- it have been discontinued

- yes but it have discontinued. 



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