Makeup Review : Lip Care Soft Rose (Nivea)

I sort of becoming a lip balm junkie. I keep going to lip balm section each time I went to makeup stores. LOL 

The innovative formula of NIVEA Soft Rosé with the scent of Roses and caring Jojoba Oil combines a subtle rose sheen and long lasting moisturisation to leave lips soft and smooth.

Source : nivea

This lip balm price around RM10.00 

This is the second tube for this lip balm. It is light and doesn't make my lips look greasy and waxy. I just love use it before using lipstick or lip tint as it feels light. It doesn't really show any colour. Picture above show when I swatches at my hand it doesn't show any colour. Even it have name soft rose it doesn't smell like a rose. 

However maybe because it too light, after 2 -3 hours it kinda disappear. Another thing that I notice, there are one times I left it in my car, it melted!!!! Well it become normal again after I left it to cool a bit. So never left it in the car LOL. 

Overall, with a cheap price, this lip balm make my lips moisturize and it feels light. 

- cheap
- light 
- doesn't feel greasy and waxy
- moisturizing

- have to apply after 2 - 3 hours
- doesn't have rose smell
- melted in a hot condition 

- yes this is my second tube 


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