Makeup Review : Super Block Clear Finish SPF130 (Sunplay)

This is the Sunplay's sunblock that I got for free. It is a sample. I like sample as it cute and handy to bring anywhere. 

Before this I have used the blue one. I think it is called watery something. I love that blue one so I expect that I'm gonna love this one too..

Once I have applied the product at my hands, it have watery texture. After I blended in it feel oily and feel like there are some grains inside the product. Arghh I hate it. In terms of blocking the sun (LOL) well it doesn't make my face darker so I guess it is ok for sunblock.

Overall, in terms of sunblock it is ok. It have a high SPF. In terms of texture, well I'n not a fan of it texture. It kinda oily. :(

- doesn't make my face darker

- oily 
- feel like there are grains in the product

- No.. I like the blue one better!! 



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