Makeup Review : Gemstone Lip Surge (Cyber Colours)

I bought this one last year . Actually I was looking for lip concealer and there are none so I asked the SA for the nude lipstick and she promote me this one. 

"Cyber Colors Gemstone Lip Surge contains natural gemstone powders create luminous 3D lip contours and long-lasting lip colors.

It also contain Real High-Water, nourishing and moisturizing factors to form a moisture-lock layer and avoid formation of fine lines on lips 

Added to the above, it contains rich polymer ester to create a creamy and smoothing touch"

Source : SaSa

Price around RM49.90 but I think I bought at discounted price. Available at SaSa. I don't know how many colour are there but I got #04 Coral Pink. It have classy packaging with a gem on top of it. I think all gemstone line looks classy. Haha. 

As you can see at the picture, I almost finish up this lipstick. The swatch, it have a pale pink colour. When I first use it, I can feel some grain on the lipstick. Like some small stone inside the lipstick? It is moisturizing enough. Well I love to use it with a lip tint and lip gloss. It enhance the lip tint colour. The last picture above show that by using only lip tint it kinda fade. But when I use it on top of lipstick the colour look more red. So for me, I think it is a great base colour. I doesn't really last. Need to reapply after eating.

- great base colour
- enhance lip tint colour
- moisturizing 

- expensive
- have weird grain in lipstick

- Yes, if there are sale. :D



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