My Love and Hate Issues...

Already reach the marrying age. 24. Not that old but not that young either. One by one, either my school mate, college mate, my best friends already on the path or already changed to "Married" status. Well make me thinking about something. When is my time to change my "Single" status? When I'm thinking more in this issues I just realized, what I'll do after I married? Stay here at Melaka? Stay with my husband there at Penang? What about my parents? I'm the last one staying in my family house. I need to admit each day they are not going to be any younger. I just need to do my best to show my duty as a daughter. All their need I have to try my best to fulfill it. It just sad thinking that I will leave them.

Yes marrying is a good thing, well it is the best thing that will ever happen in my life but I don't want to leave my parents all by themselves at home. Lonely and just waiting each day for holiday to come just to see their children and grandchildren. 

-sigh- I just don't know anymore. I want to getting married but I don't want to leave my parents.. :(



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