Something that I want to tell you..

It is been a long time that I want to write something about you.. Yes many times I wrote the post and then discard it.. It's been hard to say considering I may hurt someone that I love but I just need to let it out from my system.. So I guess this gonna be the last time I wrote something depressing or related with you...

So yeah.. What I'm gonna say is.. How are you nowadays? Keeps remembering you lately.. Not remembering you "I miss you" sort of thing.. It just yeah how your life? Been what 3 years since you left me.. Just thinking about you.. You already married? You have someone that you really love? What you up to nowadays? I don't know.. I just want to know whether you are still alive or not that's it.. 

It's not that I still love you or anything.. I found a new love.. It just that you already become somebody that I used to know.. Life with you.. Not that I hate it.. It sort of teach me a lot about life.. Heartbroken was really hurt and it actually make me stronger.. I'm no longer the naive person who never know about love.. Yeah it hurt at that point but I survived.. Moreover I think that, somehow it is my wrong that thing have ended up that way... I treat you badly and well that is the first I handle this relationship stuff.. Well I'm much better handling it now.. 

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So anyway.. What I'm gonna say.. Sorry for everything and I don't hate you anymore.. You are my past and that it.. Well you already say this before.. If we breakup it will be hard for us to be friends.. I think so too.. You gonna be my memories of my past.. Well this is goodbye.. I think you will never read this but let me say it anyway.. Goodbye and hope you are happy with whoever you are now with... 

Glad that off my system.. 



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