Another Phase in My Life

Happy Birthday!! It's been 24 years and I love everyone I know...

So 24, another digit in my life.. So goodbye life with messing around.. This is another phase.. Phase to becoming adulthood...

It's been sometimes that I think about this.. But lately this thing becoming clearer to me.. This is the phase we are becoming more and more distant with our friends and more about our partners.. There are no more gossiping about the one we have crush on.. That guy who dumped us.. The foolish love.. The just about anything talk.. It is more to.. I want to get married or wedding invitation talk.. We are no longer going out with our friends anymore.. It is more to going out with friends + their partner.. Well being left alone on the conversation is also one thing.. Talking to their partners only.. 

There are no more "I" talk.. More to "We" talk... Everyone becoming more mature.. Talking something that I guess never been on my mind yet.. How to say it.. Becoming more mature and old??? I don't know... The sensation on going out is no more... Even when just going out with them I still like being alone.. Talking alone and them keep looking at the phone..

So anyway.. This thing cannot be stopped.. I guess I need to mature about it and handle it well..

Yeah happy birthday to me.. Welcome my new phase... :D



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