are u addictive to facebook????

You know when your hooked to facebok:

1. If you catch yourself saying, "That is going in my Facebook Status!" every time someone says something funny.

2. If you want to be in every picture possible ever taken with your friends, then you tell them a hundred times to not forget to put them on Facebook.

3. If you are constantly wanting more wall posts.

4. If you log in to Facebook more than 5 times a day.

5. If you have more than 30 friends in your friends list that you don't know.

6. If you find yourself bringing up Facebook in conversations.

7. If you refresh your Facebook every .5 seconds to see if you have a message, have been poked, have a new wall post, or someone added a picture of you.

Facebook is really addictive :p
lol i miss the time when i only have only 5 friends and i can rant anything and no one care.....
now.. even the government care :D


Gransazer said…
huhu~aku dah mls nk main fb..
kei said…
oh?? nape plak?? main bnda lain plak la haha
Gransazer said…
oiit..ko xfollow aku..huhu~
kei said…
asyik lpe jek keh keh.. jap aq follow ko :D
Gransazer said…
aku tag ko lg..hihi~

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